The Northern Fire History Podcast

An Interview With Colin Dale

March 20, 2021

In this episode of the Northern Fire History Podcast, Sean sits down with one of the most celebrated pioneers in the field of Nordic tattooing, Colin Dale. There is a reason clients travel globally to visit his studio, Skin & Bone Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Colin Dale is a man of legendary reputation; his work with Neo-Nordic and indigenous tattoo communities has inspired artists globally, and his tattoos continue to be honoured as some of the most original and profound pieces in the field.


Rooted in respect for traditional methods, Colin’s technique honours ancient practices from Europe and beyond. With wisdom collected from tattoo masters in Borneo, Tahiti, and Samoa, Colin’s personal history with Inuit and First Nations people of North America has allowed him to utilise techniques that were sometimes hidden or lost for centuries.

During the podcast, Sean and Colin discuss how Colin first started as a tattoo artist, some of the tattooing methods he has used during his career as well as drifting onto ancient mummies, conventions and even Colin's brief employment in the porn industry...

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